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Thread: I'd love to hear some feedback on my map.

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    Wip I'd love to hear some feedback on my map.

    It's been nearly a year since I started making the map for my novel, but I'm finally happy enough with it to share again. This obviously won't be the finished version for the novel; I'll probably leave that to a professional.

    Background: Many of the more esteemed cartographers will notice some unlikely/impossible formations (specifically the mountains). These are a result of an energy, known as Spirit, that modifies the landscape, creates magical beings, and acts as a fuel source for spells. It creates mountains over thousands of years instead of millions, creates lakes in decades/centuries, and causes natural disasters. Most natural disasters are kept in check, unbeknownst to the planet's population, by spellcasting.

    After a ten-year war nearly depleted the planet of Spirit, causing the collapse of many ecosystems, most of the regions agreed to ban spellcasting. Over the next 300 years, industry replaced spellcasting, allowing Spirit to rejuvenate and heal the damage done to the planet. But without a large population of spellcasters to maintain the balance, the planet has become supersaturated with Spirit. Dangerous beasts are born quicker than they can be killed and natural disasters are becoming more frequent and dangerous. Civilization's brightest must find a way to subdue the approaching apocalypse while the fiercest warriors and few practicing spellcasters fight to protect the small corner of the planet they have managed to secure and maintain for thousands of years.

    I'd love to hear some feedback on my map.-map-%5Bwip%5D-4.2.jpg

    Here's the album with my map through all its stages of progression: Map [WIP] - Imgur
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    I like your hand drawn map. So are all the countries separated by water or this that the effect created by colouring i'd make those lines a little more subtle, are the colours on the map indicating the amount of spirit or that for the type of land it it is like hot barren dessert? I like to see a little more detail maybe you could throw in a key to give me an indication. It looks like you put a lot of effort into this i'm sure you could tell me more.

    My maps are nothing to brag about although you have made me want to start doing hand drawn stuff again.

    Keep up the effort.

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