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Thread: Hand Drawn Map

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    I am (admittedly) a huge fan of b&w and ink work, so this map is right up my alley (so to speak) I love the paper stock you chose ... what kind of pen did you use for the ink work? I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who likes to make a large full scale map of enormous proportions and commit solely to hand drawing and inking it.. marvelous work.

    I do have some ideas about the ice realm, tho I'm strapped on time I don't know if I'll be able to get anything done to show you some examples.. sorry if I don't get any up before you rework the area.

    REH characters is also a nice choice btw.. i'm a huge fan of Howard, being as I live near Cross Plains, his hometown, I visit his house once a year when they have the annual REH festival there. I suggest any fan make the trip at least once... (they host it usually the first or second weekend of June, and for any interested I'll find some emails and/or links to get you the info you need to attend)
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    what kind of distortions did you use on the mediterrainian map it looks like you used as refereance?

    it looks like it's been elongated width wise or trunkated vertically.

    I like the scale of the project, It makes it far more impressive. I wish I could get a closer look at your trees and lakes (as this is an area I need to study up on. by shading one side of your mountains you can give a bit more richness and depth to the map and also help to indicate the east and west directions.

    Also What comes to me for ice realms might be to study pictires of glaciers, or just make a ragged cliff with a few sharp lightening style cracks in it and watery run offs. Icebergs to the north sort of stuff to differenciate it from rock.

    How long did this take you to do By the way?

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    I recently finished up more on this map. It has been an on and off again experiment for the better part of several months because of its enormous size. I will have to take a photograph of it next to me to show off the scale at some point.

    In actual hours I am guessing it took at least ten hours of labor to create just the black and white / inked map. I will probably white ink over some errors here and there and make some changes before I paint the thing. I want to do at least one more watercolor smaller map before I try to paint this.

    All together my guess is it will take me fifteen to twenty hours of labor to create the entire color map. After that I want to scan it and print it out on some vinyl and then stitch or glue the printed map into a backing of some sort of fake leather...probably fake reptile skin for a dragon hide map look.

    It will be huge, covering the entire surface of the game table. Ultimately I plan to use the final version as a sort of table cloth covering the entire game table...the vinyl wipes clean easily enough and is very durable. Over this will go dungeon tiles and minis and the game will play out.

    So both reference and huge feely for setting the mood in my garage slowly being turned into ultimately game room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthnek View Post
    Here is a hand drawn map for my upcoming 4th edition campaign. D&D fantasy with various character races meets a sort of Robert Howard / 1930's style fantasy world.
    I'm afraid I have to make my comment short (carpool's about here), but this is a really nice map with a lot of detail. You're going for the pulp style, and I'm really liking it.

    This, and you're the guy behind Rocketship Empires? Another really creative concept!

    Have some REP!

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