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Thread: Book Maps.

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    yep Goblin Caves, but not your ordinary goblins... nope... not by far...

    here's the other wip with some changes.... let's see how this one flies...
    Book Maps.-atdmap3_wip02.jpg
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    I think this version is might tighter. I like the edits you did very much.

    A small touch that I think might help break up the forest patches a bit would be to add some of the heavy outline into the interior of the forest as well. Kind of another level of forest texture.

    Again, this is a nit-pick from a nit-picker
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    Those mountains look sooo much better now...sweetness. I still can't look at the tower without thinking of the Christmas Poo from South Park...maybe I'm just really demented or maybe it needs to be more angular, I dunno.
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    Nice improvement on the mountains, Del!

    The only suggestion I could make is that the outline weight is still a bit heavy... maybe if it tapered off rather than being blunt?

    -Rob A>

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