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Thread: Abandoned/Old Mine

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    If you were to add a light source, I think you should add a light source from the upper lefthand corner of the map and make that the mine entrance.

    You also might want to give the rail a level of disrepair in some areas, just to really give it an abandonned feel.

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    Map Finished?

    OK, I think I'm pretty much done with this. Here is the latest and quite possibly final version. Unless I put some kind of border, etc around the outside.

    Thanks to all for their comments, critiques and suggestions.

    1) Added some scattered piles of rubble
    2) Added bracing timbers in most of the smaller "tunnels"
    3) "Damaged Up" the tracks in spots, especially where it got a wit "wonky"
    4) Added a outside light source in the NW corner - hopefully I didn't overdo it

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