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Thread: For our BT game!

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    Post yeah, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by RPMiller View Post
    Maybe they have magnetic feet on their mechs?
    Yeah, I thought of that too, but BT is rather tactical and have specific rules about mech construction. Do these mechs have the Crit Spaces to place magnetic-walker actuators?

    I can maintain a suspension of disbelief, but hardcore BT gamers would say that's not possible. But cater to request, that's what I always do.

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    hmmm perhaps it's the other way around and the ship is a mild magnetic charge, but the leg actuators have enough power to break the magnetic field during movement. don't know.. but it's a thought.
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    Hey GP. I got the skinny on Battletech warships. Mechs can maneuver in space. Some of them have reaction packs attached to them (many usually act like jump jets to slow descent from a hot combat drop on those like the MadCat that don't have jump jets).

    Those that do have jump jets usually have tanks of reaction mass so they can operate in vacuums. The magical fusion engines provide enough oomph to lift upwards of 80 tons.

    Yes the mechs have magnetic feet and may walk about a ship normally. They're usually used for ship boarding actions. Marines and battle armor are more commonly used, but mechs may assist in certain situations.

    This book was just released in pdf format, paper soon to follow. You can see by the cover image that it concentrates on black naval engagements. The Atlas is the ride of a soon-to-be savior of the Inner Sphere, Devlin Stone. We still don't know much about the man, just the results as seen from the 3100s future of the MechWarrior: Dark Age game.

    As for having some warship images per the critique on the CBT site, here:

    Some of the best painted miniatures I've ever seen. They're about the same size as most mechs and fit on a standard 1.3" hex. Full size of the real thing?

    This is the largest warship ever built. 2.5 million tons. 2,285 meters long. Solar sail is 1,945 meters wide. By comparison a standard CBT hex is 30 meters flat to flat, so the full length of the leviathan would take up just over 76 hexes.

    Fluff wise, two were refurbished by Clan Ghost Bear and were pressed into service, creating emergency transports for the entire clan's relocation into the Inner Sphere (they later merged with the Rasalhague Republic).

    Because of the leviathan's bumpy surface, though perhaps fun and interesting, a better surface for gameplay is usually the McKenna. 1.9 million tons, 1,405 meters long, ~47 hexes.

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    Ah but bedwyr you're missing the true value of mechs on a levi II or levi III...

    Think, 76 hexes = 76 Warhawk/Masakari Primes as "free" "anti fighter mounts". Not to mention that's also 476 points of capital damage added to your broadside... hows that for a "refit"...

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