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Thread: Flag of UN - map projection

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    Question Flag of UN - map projection

    Hi everybody,

    I am student of Maritime Academy in Gdynia, Poland. Our lecturer of navigation gave us a task to find as many adjectives describing map projection that can be seen on UN logo as it is possible. During the lecture he has also shown us a picture which compared 4 azimuthal projections: gnominic, stereographic, ortographic and perspective equidistant and said that the one on the UN flag is here. Now, here comes 2 questions:
    1. Which one of them?
    2. How it is possible to create azimuthal perspective azimuthal projection?

    As for the first I think it is just azimuthal equidistant, because all others wouldn't let us see area from North Pole to 40 degrees south latitude.

    About the second - I am nearly sure that it is mathematicly impossible to make such a projection, however I wouldn't like to face my lecturer (who is also a dean of faculty of navigation) without some evidence. What's more another professor from our school has written a book about navigation from which the picture comparing 4 projection was taken, so only two possibilities are: there really is such a projection or it was a misprint.
    Misprint would be weird, because it is still in 3rd edition of book, printed in 2008, and as far as I know dean likes to ask this question to his students so it would be strange that nobody has spotted the mistake earlier.

    So - If you could please give me some adjectives describing projection and check if there really is possibility to make equidistant perspective projection - I would be grateful.

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    Hi Arquieteto, you might want to cross post this question on the 'CartoTalk' forum. Although we have a few 'real' cartographers here, there are many more there.

    Sounds to me that you have pretty much worked out the answer anyway.

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