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Thread: Hex Grids, coordinate systems, etc...?

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    23gb? That's a crazy big file. I've got 6gb of ram in my new PC and it's fine for me...but I don't think I've ever had a file that big going.

    Oh, and, nice map! It's going to have to be printed out on billboard paper and laid out on a gym floor to play a game on it, I think. I'm a big fan of hexes.

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    I started making this map last year, planning to use it in a shared-world creative environment for fiction (or other). Of course, I like to think big-scale, and in addition to realizing I needed someone who could help me setup the website host (basically a wiki w/ templates) for tracking the shared universe (yep, my plan expanded).

    Being fascinated visually by anything highly magnified, detailed, pushes boundaries in some unusual way etc, I decided to experiment with map sizes and discovered the magic 30000pixel world of windows limitations. It's the largest width I could manipulate in most of the software I use AND I could display it within the google maps software on the web. Magnification and detail and it was BIG.

    I've got 6GB too, and until the most recent revist to the map's appearance, that was great. After following and modifying Tear's excellent tutorial, I've ended up with this 15-minute to load monstrosity of layers. Once I lay down the climate, though, I'll again be working with a much smaller file (a few gigs) as I can collapse everything.

    There's the story of why it's so large.

    Oh - and it works out to a 100"x50" output at 300dpi, if I were to print it - though that wasn't my real goal. Hmmm....perhaps a breakdown into Regions etc, ala an atlas. 50 pages if there was no overlap.

    In case you can't tell, it was a long day and I'm over-tired. I also just went through correcting the numbers I messed up above - I hope. If anyone feels like checking them for me, you'd help save my sanity. I think I got it - but they're all looking alike now.

    Hex Grids, coordinate systems, etc...?-hexf..png

    It's a base 12 system...
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    Well, I checked it again (hopefully getting it right now) and decided to integrate it into the compass I'm thinking of using.

    Hex Grids, coordinate systems, etc...?-abebe-retry-compa-.png

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