New group...

  1. mearrin69
    Figured since there are groups for GURPS and D&D 4E that we should have one for Pathfinder. Not sure what we'll do with it but, if you play or run PFRPG, then join up and we'll figure it out!
  2. Korash
    yup and howdy
  3. jtkeag

    The name is J.T. and the navy told me to move to St. Marys. Needless to say I had to end the group that I was with and I want to start up or join a group for Pathfinder. If anyone is interested let me know.
  4. Wannabehero
    D&D 3.75 represent!
  5. Drakecoinus
    Greetings Fellow Pathfinders
    I'll be stopping in now and then to see if I can find any more Ideas for a project I'm working on...
    Next step is to start working on cartography (and to be honest not sure what I'm going to use to do the maps and such, I currently have only OpenOffice)
  6. Lightminder
    can we request and collaborate on maps that go with pathfinder adventures we are GMing? I'd be interested in that.

    I just got the new RED DRAGON INN Guide to INNS and TAVERNS, it is juicy choc full of great design elements for building mapping.
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