1. Yorick Sofer
    Yorick Sofer
    Anyone have any general homerules they use for their 4e games?

    Such as racial restrictions, class restrictions, racial backgrounds, ability scores, bla bla bla?

    I've got a few.

    Racial restrictions:

    Basicly you can't play anything monster looking, unless you can write a very good backstory as to why you are now an adventurer and why you decided to not follow your races normal way.

    I just don't want someone playing a Kobold Wizard, as I call it, "For the lolz"

    Racial restrictions:
    I don't allow Dwarves to be Magical Classes.
    Every once in a while I'll allow a dwarf druid or a dwarf bard.
    But same principal as before, right me a backstory as to why.

    Anyone else have some weird houserules?
  2. brunno241189
    I am about to start a long campaign and I decided to make several decisions;
    Among the smaller changes I decided to make are these:
    -Wizards are no longer a class. In this new world I created wizards are special misterious and powerful beings. They are not humans, elves, dwarves or any other race. They are almost a different race.
    - Paladins are actually picked by Gods and are thus marked for the rest of their mortal lives.

    These are pretty much the biggest changes I have made so far.
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