New to Pathfinder, Switching from 4e and 2e

  1. Yorick Sofer
    Yorick Sofer
    Good Day,

    I'm Yorick, and I DM a group (4- at my college.

    I have been DM'ing 4th Edition (Bleargh) and have acquired a bit of experience playing 2nd Edition.

    I first started looking at 3.5 and ended up starting playing 4th.

    Well I now hear about Pathfinder and I was hoping for some sort of help on starting up my switch to this new system.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. DreamQuestin
    Greetings and good morrow Yorick!

    I have never played D&D 4th ed, but have played 2nd and 3.5 before being tossed into the deep end of the Pathfinder pool! My first Pathfinder campaign is a Pathfinder Gestalt game and we are now at 9th level!

    We each learn differently, but I find it useful to create character(s) in the system, carefully reading up on the options (there are a myriad of Optimization Guides to be found out there for just about any class) for that character. The key difference is in the initial aspects of character creation so this also gives you a front row seat to find the uniqueness. Of course there are other differences but the most stark are the stat buy system and the added ability bonuses to start which makes the characters seem far more powerful "out of the box" as it were.

    I see it has been a while since you initially posted so I am sure you have been reading all sorts of guides online. How are you finding it?
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