Spelljammer threads

  1. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    See a thread relating to the Spelljammer Campaign Setting?

    Post a link to it here, and we will all be able to find it.

    (The same applies to if you want to start a thread to showcase your work or get help with it.)
  2. Port Paladine
    Port Paladine
    GreatSpace Map

    I started my first thread im the main forums

  3. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    Hi folks. I need to learn how to map the *entire* Spelljammer universe - my "hello world" thread in the Member Introductions forum.

    HELP! Last minute request for help with Spelljammer spoof for April Fool's Day! - thesecretdm's thread asking for help with Magecrammer.
  4. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    New Campaign Setting concept...ideas? - A campaign taking a destroyed world discovered by spelljamming ships (but no maps were made before it was abandoned)
  5. vtsimz02
    Spelljammer Ships - I did some basic color deck plans for all the Spelljammer Cards and layouts I could find...had a little too much time on my hand. Many of the 80-100 ton ships were to large to upload in high resolution, but the low resolution ones dont look so bad.
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