Spelljamming ship deckplan

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  1. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    We all know the ship deckplan house style, from TSR. Beyond the Moons has a list of Ships and Their Sources.

    It also has a separate page with Sean K. Reynolds' To-Scale Deckplans.

    Some of the ships never got a ship card (or a deck plan). We could discuss house style, if anyone has a better idea, but I think we could also list the missing ships and see if anyone on the Internet has made replacement cards.
  2. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    The following groundling ships were never given ship cards (or full descriptions in Lorebook of the Void). However, they did make a profile view of them for Ship Recognition Manual (from the War Captain's Companion boxed set):

    Drakkar (deckplan on poster included with SJA2 Skull & Crossbows),
    Great Galley,
    Junk and

    I think that all of these deckplans might also be of use to people running non-SJ campaigns (although some of them are specific to certain cultures).
  3. Port Paladine
    Port Paladine
    BTM is also where I saw the blank "fil in the walls your self" deck plans as well. Isn't it?
  4. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    Yes. Although the Blank Ship Deckplans link redirects to a page on the Lost Spheres that is part of the archive of Tarkas Brain Lab IV.
  5. Nerik
    I think all of the ships Big Mac mentioned are (were) real-world ships, so we could try and find deckplans from historical sources and 'spelljammerify' (is that even a word?) them.

    I'll look into it tonight (if I have time).

    Medieval Cog

    Drakkar deck plans already exist - here's the to-scale version

    Unfortunately, I haven't found much else yet.

  6. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    Thanks for that, Charles. I checked out the number and the drakkar deck plans actually come from the poster that was included in SJA2 Skull & Crossbows.
  7. Feadel
    Not sure where I got it, but I know I have a clipper card and plans from one of the SJ sets. I can't get at my SJ stuff atm (living with my in-laws until I graduate and/or get a job) but if I have a chance I'll see if I can find it and scan it. I seem to recall some of the others too, but the clipper is the only one I recall for sure. Another resource would be Pirates of the Fallen Stars or Of Ships and Sea source books.
  8. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    Thanks for the reply Feadel.

    I've just looked through the Ship Recognition Manual (from the War Captain's Companion boxed set) and found that it has profile views of all the ships that were desinged up to that point (although there are no deck plans). I'll post them after this post.

    I've not got Pirates of the Fallen Stars or Of Ships and Sea. I'll have to do a bit of research to see what is in them.
  9. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    Updated list of ships:
    Caravel (sideview on page 12 of Ship Recognition Manual),
    Clipper (sideview on page 14 of Ship Recognition Manual),
    Coaster (sideview on page 15 of Ship Recognition Manual),
    Cog (sideview on page 15 of Ship Recognition Manual),
    Drakkar (deckplan on poster included with SJA2 Skull & Crossbows - sideview on page 20 of Ship Recognition Manual),
    Drommond (sideview on page 21 of Ship Recognition Manual),
    Great Galley (sideview on page 25 of Ship Recognition Manual),
    Junk (sideview on page 29 of Ship Recognition Manual) and
    Longship (sideview on page 32 of Ship Recognition Manual).
  10. vtsimz02
    There is a Ship Card for the Clipper included in the War Captains Companion boxed set (which is where the Ship Recognition Manual came from), as well as the Triop and Quad of Thay. You can find the top decks of many groundling vessels, including most of the ones listed for Spelljammer in Of Ships And The Sea (DMGR9). You would have to fill in the bottom decks on your own but it is a good starting point and MOST of the dimensions there match the ones listed for SJer.
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