Sphere charts house style

  1. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    The Planetary Display that comes on a map with Spelljammer (and is also shown in Appendix 3 of Concordance of Arcane Space) works very well for helping a GM plot the position of the worlds in a sphere, but it does not "sell" me on the concept of spacefaring civilisation. For that, I would love to see something that actually looks like an in-character cartographer might have made it.

    I am a big fan of the house style that Spelljammer Port Paladine created for their Greatspace, Realmspace and Greyspace maps.

    I would love to know what sphere charts you like, and why.
  2. Port Paladine
    Port Paladine
    Should I post Pics in the same section as the arcane flow map or make an album in my profile?
  3. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    Sorry for the delay with your post. For some reason a moderation filter came on.

    I haven't seen how to do an album in your profile, but it sounds more visible than posting a picture here, so it sounds good.

    Another good idea could be to start a thread in the appropriate part of the forum.

    The Finished Maps forum would be good for finished maps.

    The General and Miscellaneous Mapping would be good if you want to invite constructive criticism on improving the maps (or if you are starting a new map).

    Then you could drop a link to the thread here, so that we can surf over and follow the thread. I think that will get more people involved in talking about SJ maps, while still giving us this private area (and these group threads) to discuss the overall strategy for different maps (and sharing tips).
  4. Port Paladine
    Port Paladine
    New ...err old but different map in map / star chart album on my profile. Full size on my home site soon.

  5. Big Mac
    Big Mac
    Here is the Spelljammer: GreatSpace (system chart) thread (by Port Paladine). I suggest you subscribe.
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