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Thread: Create a website to post my mapping portfolio?

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    Hey Ravells - I sometimes get a quiet moment and pop back here to catch the latest.
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    I use Wordpress, also, hosted at A Small Orange ( — Disclaimer: that's a referral link). I've found them to be the most affordable and easy to work with host that I've ever had. I pay $50 / year for hosting and $10 / year for my domain name ( ). That comes with 750 MB of space and 15GB / month of transfer bandwidth. They have a smaller plan that's only $25 / year for hosting with 150 MB storage and 4.5 GB bandwidth. All of their plans have unlimited databases, email addresses, subdomains, and add-on domains ( is also hosted on my site, and the only extra I have to pay is for the domain name). It will probably take a little bit of learning to set up there, but they've got active user-to-user support forums where someone will likely be willing to walk you through getting things configured.

    Another service that's been popular with people at my university is the Cargo Collective: I'm not real sure what the features are, but one of my friends has been very happy. From what I understand, it's an easy to use template site with a content management system similar to a blog. His site is here: Their page is not very forthcoming about how it all works, though, so I can't say much more than that.
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    And using a website like ?
    Having your own domain and website will look more professional though!
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    If you can't get hosting you might want to try It allows you a free blog using wordpress. Though I don't know how good it will be for a portoflio (not wordpress itself, but because unlike when you set it up on a personal server, limits you on themes, plugins etc.

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    After checking out the Wordpress website, reading the instructions and downloading the software I can honestly say I don't understand any of it, lol. The instructions are for someone with more knowledge about computers than I have, so I'm going to seek out classes and on-line sources for the knowledge I need. In the meantime I'll continue expanding my portfolio and if it comes to the point where I need the website before I know how to create it myself I'll hire someone to create it for me.
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    the wordpress user groups are often very friendly, so you can always seek advice there
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