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Thread: Creating Regional Boundaries: Photoshop Problems.

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    Sorry for the late reply, real-life overtook me for a while.

    lostatsea; your .pdf REALLY helped me out. I thank you so, so much for it and I thank the rest of you for taking the time out to assist a newbie in cartography.

    Anyway, I began work again on the map this morning. The original image has been updated in my first post with the new version. I have successfully split England into the appropiate kingdoms of Wessex, Mercia, Anglia and Northumberland. You can see that I have further begun dividing up the kingdoms into their respective counties and parishes, as demonstrated in the South-East of England. The legend is something I've quickly rammed in, I'll probably remove it altogether at a later point and dedicate an entire document to the naming of such things.

    Criticism so far?

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    @ lostatsea - good idea. BTW, one more question.. Initially I was working fine using Photoshop CS2. But recently I have upgraded my system to win7 and I have uploaded the Photoshop to resolve the compatibility problem...(sorry I didn't remember the current version). Its working fine with Win 7 but the only problem been is I am not able to set the background. Whenever I select the background option it doesn't reflect in the project. Any ideas would be highly appreciated..

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