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Thread: HOW DO I - Convert a front facing image into a top-down image for maps?

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    Bogie, I started to write an inappropriate response, but thought better of it All I really need to say is that your work is well worth a few "strange" looks

    @ anomiecoalition, you are welcome, but like I said, first try and quick, but it does prove the point that sometimes just thinking bout the object in a different light is all you need. I just removed the plates and added two blocks with some gradient to it. Didn't touch the horns at all. Was gonna try and figure how to rotate the crest but decided not to...
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    HI there
    I think there must be an image converting program which supports to Convert a front facing image into a top-down image for maps.You know there are all kinds of image converting tool.
    You can just choose the most suitable one for you .It would be more convinient.Best wishes!

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