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Thread: How do i get my PS Channel to show in Layers?

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    I canít tell if you have anything on your Coastline layer that would be causing the light spots around the coast, but assuming thatís not the problem, Iíd go back a few steps and start again with your land layer (not the channel) and make a duplicate to play around with, ctrl + j. (replace ctrl with cmd if youíre on a mac)

    1. Add a new fill layer with your main ocean color adjusment layers > solid color and move it to the background
    2. On your land layer copy, go to layer effects > outer glow (looks like an fx near the trash can in the layers palette)
    3. Change the glow color to your lighter/coastal ocean color. You can play around with the blending options for this if it suits your fancy.
    4. Tinker with the range/size/spread options to get the look that you want. Switching the method from softer to precise may help you out, it makes a more exact outline, while the softer setting makes more of a vague shadow.

    Note: This method will take out the vignette outline around the outside, if you want to add that back in, you can create a new layer and add an inner glow style to it.
    Edit: That would need to be a blank layer filled with a solid color, then turn the fill (not opacity) down to zero.
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    Thanks, I will try these aswell.

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