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Thread: realistic marching caterpillars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamond View Post
    This is exactly the problem I was having in previous maps lately. I don't know of a fix in PS except to do, like Carbus says, erase the lines that look funky and draw those by hand. HE's solution makes me want to get Inkscape more than ever now, but I don't think I can face learning a new program right now...
    Quote Originally Posted by vorropohaiah View Post
    thanks Hai Etlik, that seems interesting, though i cant help but agree with Diamond... it was bad enough learning PS, i dread 'wasting' more time learning anything else like illustrator or inkscape...

    sigh, guess ill have to fix the broken bits by hand, or perhaps, go for shorter pen-strokes to minimize the damage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Midgardsormr View Post
    And Inkscape is actually pretty easy to get started in. If you know Photoshop's Pen tool, you've already learned 80% of any vector graphics application.
    As Midgardsormr says. While using vector is a slightly different design paradigm than image editing, many image editing tools and techniques are identical in vector, and I find learning vector software actually much, much easier than mastering image editors.
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    Here is my take on the problem in Photoshop. Paint a shape : Fill : select with magic wand . Then go select /Modify/ Smooth . Settings depend on size of shape. I did my large then sized image down to a more appropriate size. Got to paths. Make work path from selection. This further smooths the path. Stroke path with brush. (setting brush up before hand.) I used the grass brush as it was the closest to what everyone else is using. Not perfect but is does decrease the problem.

    realistic marching caterpillars?-untitled-1.png
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