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Thread: looking for prices, for a rpg wolrd map

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    Ok... so here is what I would tell your friend based solely on my observations. Map commissions can cost you anywhere from "gratis"(free) to several hundred dollars(300, 400, perhaps even more, perhaps even much more) depending on a variety of factors(don't consider this list exclusive!!!!!!!):

    • Required size
    • For print or web only(affects size)
    • Artist skill level and/or reputation
    • BW or Color
    • level of detail(this is kind of abstract... it incorporates many elements from other items such as size, print or web format, artist skill, color or not, placing cities/roads/text and amount of these elements, etc)
    • Delivery deadlines (rush jobs cost more, "whenever" jobs might get a discount)
    • Is this for a commercial product(typically if you are going to sell a map(meaning include in something you make money from) the artist gets more commission)
    • License (many times affected by "is commercial" Note that unless specifically stated in a contract, art is LISENSED to the buyee and the artist can provide any specific limitations to how the artwork may be used. The artist still "owns" the copyright and the art. Of course, you agree on that in the contract details as to if the copyright is transferred(not unless explicitly stated) to the buyee. If the copyright is NOT transferred to the buyee, then both parties agree on the terms of the license as to what each party is and is not allowed to do with the map. )

    Again... this is just a quick list off the top of my head. Given that, if "I" could make a map like that one(which I can't) at that size(ie, print at roughly 8x10 book size) and with that detail level, I would likely charge $75-150(USD). To bad I can't do a map that well(yet)
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    thanks jfrazierjr!

    some great points there

    i think moderators can close this now

    thanks all for the help!

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