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Thread: Map for nationstates

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    Default Map for nationstates

    Can someone please make a map for me. It will be used for It doesn't have to be very professional.

    Commission: Unpaid

    Time Constraints: None

    Map for nationstates-savagecoast.jpg
    I like the colors in this map.

    Description of Map:

    A modern country with 4 provinces, a little bigger than France. With a mountainous northern region and a lot of forests. It has a fairly long coastline on the west with maybe a few small islands.
    Here are some maps I generated; I like the shape of the left one and the coast of the right.
    Map for nationstates-map3.bmpMap for nationstates-map1.bmp

    Quality & Size:

    Semi professional
    Required for web
    Dimensions of map: 1000x750 apx.


    You can email me at:
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