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Thread: Might and Magic X: Multi-talented Cartographer Wanted! (Fantasy RPG Computer Game)

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    Heyho King Alamar

    How's the status on your available jobs?

    I was working on my website a few minutes ago, placing an old article about a map-making thingy into the new HTML5 code and so I thought of your project and that you were looking for a cartographer.

    Well, I made that account here now but can't pm anybody before I've made 5 posts. ^^
    So here's a short kind of application:

    I am absolutely no professional, I'm a noob at geographical things, especially maps and my english is bad. But I am crazy enough to write here...

    Ok, honestly... I'm modder for singleplayer games working within toolsets, I normally do this alone without a team, but this always takes years to finish. So I made one of my crazy decisions and now I'm here to maybe help you out as noobish cartographer (if the professionals don't want to).
    As modder who works mostly alone I can make nearly everything what is needed to create an own adventure, except real programming and hand drawn pictures and... some things.
    I don't want to make more advertisement for myself here (it's my first post ), so if you still need a cartographer just let me know.

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    Hey, sorry for the inconvenience. We did not find another suitable cartographer here, however one member of our art department has volunteered to do mapping, so I'm going to mark this project as taken. We would still like to work with a professional cartographer, so I will return here later down the road.

    Thank you all !

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