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Thread: Requesting Multiple Elder Scrolls Maps

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    Map Requesting Multiple Elder Scrolls Maps

    Hey, I would absolutely love to have someone create multiple maps of Tamriel's many provinces from the video game series The Elder Scrolls. Details Below.


    -Parchment Paper (Very thick, almost as thick as possible)

    -26 3/16'' x 19 3/16''

    -Tanned Parchment (If example is needed contact me for picture)

    More detailed requirements will ensue upon acceptance of job.

    Thank you so much if you do accept!

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    Hi and welcome! Unfortunately this request could be problematic, as accepting money to make recreations of copyrighted material is a pretty big no-no. Usually the copyright holders will look the other way for purely personal not-for-profit fan maps, but once you get paid, you've trod on their copyright.

    Of course, I have rather limited understanding, so if anyone who knows copyright better than I do can chime in, it would be greatly appreciated.

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