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Thread: Tabletop/Larp World Map needed

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    Default Tabletop/Larp World Map needed

    I am looking to have a world map made for a tabletop game/LARP plot. The map itself isnt incredible detailed. Currently, my budget is $100-$200 for this project but I am willing to negotiate both on the detail level and the dollar amount once I have a ballpark understanding. (Apologies, but this is my first time requesting a map being made)

    I would like a world map done in greyscale or sepia (Basically any method that isnt too colorful). There will be about 30-40 labeled items on the map I believe including cities, named mountains, named seas and so forth. Attached is a rough sketch. I plan to add more items and titles but this will give you an idea of what I am looking for.

    Tabletop/Larp World Map needed-kangrateous.jpg

    I would like it to have a roman style feel. But I am not an artistic person so often I like to leave artists make these decisions because you guys are the experts - Where visions become maps! - Fantasy Maps

    Map 7 of 19 is great though with way more labels than I will need.

    Quality & Size
    Semi-Professional quality (Its not for a published work). I would like it to look decent printed out on canvas at max 20X30 inches but more likely way less (if this is way too big just let me know. I am doing the best I can to guess at some of this stuff when the truth is, I dont have the experience to know what is easy and what is ridiculous.
    File size should be large enough to allow for a fair amount of editing and resizing without a loss of quality.

    Time Constraints
    Ideally the project can be completed by May 25 2014 but if not, I can push it back some.

    The map is just for gaming fun so I do not need copyright to it. If this isnt a huge additional fee though, Id be willing to negotiate it, just so if I ever wrote a book someday, I wouldnt need to worry about it.

    Contact Details

    Email: Mike DOT Kinnally AT gmail DOT com

    Please include an example of your previous work in your response.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    This commission has been accepted and is closed. Thanks so much to all those who responded. This forum is filled with really talented people

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