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Thread: [paid]Cosmographer Work Needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossmlk View Post
    OK, I'm going to display my extreme ignorance here. What is the standard SEC format? I assume it's the 9 digit code used in Traveller world creation but I'm not sure and wanted to confirm. Also what do you mean by load the data into the Traveller Universe? Like I said - extreme ignorance.
    Traveller Universe is one of the Traveller hex mapping tools that is around, Heaven and Earth and Galactic 2.4 being the other main ones. The SEC format is a standard that has been created by Traveller fans for passing around sector information.

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    Do you have a list of all of the distinct hex tiles which will need to be represented on your set of world maps, e.g., "water, desert, mountains, forest, plains, cratered, city, ..."? Do you want little drawings of trees and mountains, or is simple color-coding or patterning of hexes sufficient? Is it okay if land hexes adjoin sea hexes, or do you want coastlines which wander through the middle of hexes?

    Edit: If you wouldn't mind, have a look here and tell me if I'm barking up anywhere near the right tree:
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