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Thread: Paizo Call for an Author/Cartographer....

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    I've dropped him a line, but no reply as yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gandwarf View Post
    Well, thanks for the suggestion... but I don't think it will work. I don't consider myself good enough. Also, I wouldn't want to do this professionally anyway.
    For the fun of it:

    #1 Yeah, I guess I consider my writing skills good enough. In Dutch that is. My grasp of the English language has detoriated a lot.
    #2 I don't think they will like the City Designer 3 style.
    #3 I have at least a basic understanding I guess.
    #4 As a projectmanager by trade I can proudly say I break deadlines daily
    Was Dutch your first language? I grew up speaking English and some German (and just a smidge of Gaelic), and over time I've learned just how much I hate English (When I took classes for Spanish everyone had the stupid American accent and (I thought) I sounded better with my Germanic base, really it sounds just as bad to a Spanish speaker. Edit: LOL dutch your first language, duh, just read you were native of the Netherlands.
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