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Good idea about the playtesting. You can playtest until you are blue in the face, but won't find even the smallest blaring problems because you know what you meant. Turning it over to complete strangers to read the rules and take it for a spin will really put it through its paces. We see it all the time at BGG even with games from the "big publishers" there tend to be FAQs because they didn't properly playtest it with complete newbies and experienced veteran gamers.
Yeah I figure as much, and I am planning on doing some 'blind' playtests, where the gamers gets the box and they have to play without the help of an experienced player. I can't wait to start that phase of the play testing! It is going to be really great to see where the remaining issues are hidden (and I'll be sure to take my notepad along )

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I wish you the best of luck with it, and it looks really great. If you would like for my gaming group to take it for a test spin sometime just let me know. We are all very avid gamers and have played a ton of the games that are out there and can provide some great feedback.
Thank you for your offer!