Style: I'm a pretty big fan of a style that is sort of a birds eye view, like so: I would prefer for it to not be black and white, though it doesn't have to be a full color photo either. An old school brown-paper look would work just fine. I would like for it to appear hand drawn.

A description of the island: "The Manta Carlos Islands is a group of clustered islands in the Pacific Ocean, located in the upper northern hemisphere. It has a mostly temperate climate, with cold snowy winters, hot and rainy summers, and moderate springs and autumns. With the central island at 5,000 square miles, it's of decent size and features forests, cliffs, small lakes and mountains. It is decently populated with most of the population residing in the academy and Manta Carlos City."

You are free to take artistic liberty with this project! The only thing that I ask is that the academy (which is of notable size) to be placed near the center of the central island and the city to be closer to the coast.

Quality: This is for a forum roleplay so I'm mostly interested in it being efficient and easy to read. Size doesn't have to be massive or anything, but large enough that I can perhaps add text to it myself.

Time Constraints: Take your time! I'm in no rush.

Copyright: This is for a free roleplaying forum so I don't really care about this.

Contact Details: The best place to contact me is at my email,

Thanks in advance!