Using a free map source i have found a map i am slightly content with but would love some major adjustments to the design. This is the template.

Things I would like to be changed:
1. Having the world in general be in a higher definition with mountains and forests popping out more similar to this.
2. Having the north-west continent/island moved to be in the center with the three stretches of land reaching out to it. This island is mostly open plains and grasslands but with some mountains littered about with small forests.
3. Wanting the three stretches of land to resemble a trident, with each prong being unique is a way. The left-most one being shattered at the tip creating a nice archipelago, while the mainland is mostly forest or jungles. The middle one being the shortest and without any "damage" to the prong however is dominated by mountains and hillsides. The right-most prong is cut in half with a strait passing through, around this strait there are large mountains. The tip that is separated from the mainland should be mostly open with little hills and forests scattered about. The mainland is covered in a lush jungle.
4. Having some larger islands rather than random patches of green in the oceans, each one can be as random as possible.

I am unsure of how hard this can be or if it seems to demanding (which i am sorry if it comes off like that) but I would love for someone to create what i imagine to make it easier for me to create a world for my PC's that they can easily navigate around instead of having to use a forced map online. As far as size goes a size similar to the first link is more than enough.

For payment I will be using Paypal and for further contact please email at