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Thread: Fantasy Map Tiles for PC Game

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    Default Fantasy Map Tiles for PC Game

    Hi guys,

    Unknown indie games studio here -

    We are currently in the Beta test phase of a turn based PC game and we were looking for someone talented to help us add some polish to this project.

    We need overworld map & appropriate asset tiles to be created, and we're very interesting in contracting someone on to help with this project. The map is probably the most important visual asset in the game so it's something extremely important to us - so not only would we want someone with expertise, we would potentially want someone with insight on how to best move forward and really make our map look amazing.

    We are thinking something relatively simple like 2D sprites, but we're very interested in hearing alternative approaches to really make our map "pop" - we can provide examples too of some of the maps we really like and can figure out whats feasible.

    So if you're interested in working on our project with us send some samples (or ideas) to me directly - and we can talk more.

    Thank you!

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    How about posting some of the examples of the maps you really like, so we can see better what you are looking for

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