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  • Go Yurt! - by Jaxilon

    13 27.66%
  • Brushy, Kansas - by mearrin69

    37 78.72%
  • Lost Hope - by cereth

    22 46.81%
  • Judenaia - by Icestorm008

    3 6.38%
  • The Plot Hook Tavern - by ravells

    2 4.26%
  • The Tin Man's Map - by Crayons

    7 14.89%
  • Noon Hanging - by tilt

    1 2.13%
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Thread: *** August 2010 Challenge Voting - In the Beginning: A Campaign Starter ***

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    A vote for Jax's Yurt and Mearrin69 from me. The former because I like the idea and the goat, the latter because I am a huge sucker for flavor text and the wild west. I actually liked the colored version better though! I also love the idea of a balloon reconnaissance unit.

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    I'm actually going to hold off on voting for a day or so to give me time to consider. There are actually four I would definitely like to vote for and possibly five. :S

    Good work everyone, you've really put me in a quandry.
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    wow! VERY nice entries agains guys!
    Crayons: love the concept of the map telling a story (you got me inspired here) combined with the battlemap
    Icestorm: I could almost build a little campaign on this one: great detail+story!
    Jax: creativity+humor rules! also i really like the handdrawn paintery style you did here
    Cereth: very pretty pretty! Love the blue/orange color scheme
    Ravs: Great idea! Collaborative creation can be real fun!
    Mearrin: this one is looking very good! Love the style, overal composition and the map looks very good too.
    tilt: concept is really cool (I really dig this kind of campaign starters... throw the party in a seemingly hopeless situation right from the start, too bad it doesnt seem quiet finished yet)

    oh yeah, votes, hmm.... they all shouting 'pick me!'.... ok I picked Mearrin and Cereth... but great job all and thanks for entering... and have some rep
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    I knew I should have had Mongolian cheer leaders in there chanting "Go Yurt, Go Yurt!"
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    I heard 'em Jax...or was it the devil rug? Not sure but I felt strangely compelled to vote for your entry. In fact, that might be why I only placed one vote. That's it. The devil made me do it...not my inability to read and follow simple instructions.

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    I voted for tilt and mearrin69. Tilt's vote was based off me reading The Serpentwar Saga by Raymond E Feist recently and I do love a good hanging because of it. Mearrin had an awesome concept and went for it. Good submissions everyone!
    Cheers, Julien

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    Thank you all for the praise and rep! I was delighted to use this challenge to improve my cartography skills and further develop this campaign I've been working on. I know Judenaia was not as specific or well designed as the other entries, but I hope some of the flavor of my imagination has sparked you all in some way. I plan to continue constructing the rest of the Empire Above and revamping some of the maps that were rushed along already =) If you are interested, the next map in the campaign, Tuls, is in the WIP section, and I plan to get back to working on that (and polishing off Judenaia, time permitting). Again, thank you for all your help and congratulations to all the other finalists!

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    Cereth almost got my vote, but I couldn't tell where--however nice the map is--the PCs started (a planet seeming a little large for a starting location to me).
    Ice almost got a vote on the plot hooks alone. Great imagination.
    Tilt might have had me if he had had some time to clean up the map a bit (parts of the path still looked like they had seams).
    For me the fluff of Mearrin's map did it, although the sepia map/photo was still beautiful.
    My other vote went to Crayons for the pictographic map as a hook more than the battlemap starting point.

    Good job everyone, I defenately could learn a lot from each of you.

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    Didn't get the chance to finish mine, and it wasn't intended for voting but no matter. Great work all! I went for mearrin and Cereth. Great presentation both. Hard choice as the other entries were really good as well. Well done everyone!

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    Ok, I would either start at Tilt's, Jaxilon's or mearrin's map if it were a game. And since I think that mearrin and Jaxilon's map looked best they get my vote.

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