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Thread: [Withdrawn] September-October Challenge: Museums of Manhattan

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    I like it, my only suggestion would be to either (1) Make the pin 'head' slightly larger or (2) Make the text slightly smaller so it doesn't butt up against the border of the 'head'
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    If there are more than 99 listings in a section, will you switch to a narrower type?

    It's not obvious to me how the numbering system is organized. Not alphabetical, but not strictly by location either, making it difficult to go from the list to the map.

    I found this official city dataset of Cultural Organizations which you might cross reference:

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    Jeez, Immolate, you must be one determined mother to take on a map this detailed after you only just finished a ridiculously detailed map. :S

    It looks great though and will be real beauty when it's done.
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    I spent a couple of hours implementing your suggestions SG.

    Carabosse: the sections are laid out so that Each section is <100. I've been through the process once already so I know how many things I have to worry about. Of course my focus has changed so I may have to make some adjustments. There are a lot of museums around Central Park (as well I already knew) but to the east and west of it, not so much, and relatively little in Harlem. I've got next week theoretically off so I intend to get cracking and get this thing done in that time.

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    This is incredible, great idea and execution. Perhaps go for slightly larger pins to allow for more size in the labels themselves?
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