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Thread: December Entry - Wagner VII

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    Thanks guys, I think it came together in the end. Final fiddling...

    ### Latest WIP ###
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails December Entry - Wagner VII-wagner-render_11.jpg  

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    Ravs - it's genius!

    Aw, Su Liam, maybe Wagner 7 is the 7th satellite of a superjovian, and is tidally locked to its primary. The "back side" of this map could be the side permanently pointed toward the very radioactive Wagner-Prime... not a nice hemisphere to go sailing upon :-). There's all KiNdS of reasons The Open Ocean is a very useful focus for a world map. Evil flying-fish... piranhas with altitude and attitude... you know, after-the-fact rationalization that makes for weird and wonderful stories.

    Or maybe the guy that drew it (in-character) lives on Midway Island. Your own back yard is always the center of attention, nu?

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