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Thread: December Entry: Cap'n Janes Roost

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    Stunning! I love the way everything just .... works!

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    Thank you all,

    I'm trying not to look at my map now. There is always something that you want to tweak or adjust, just a hair here or there and I used up all my time. I would have liked to do a cross-section and a detailed bit for the roost itself, and I actually had both planned out but the sands of the hourglass just drained out before I could get to those drawings.

    But all that is nitpicking that we tend to do of our own work. My only real problem was in trying to decide what exactly I wanted to do. Not from a lack of ideas but too many good ones. I had three ideas that rose to the top:
    • One idea was an asteroid base for a future/sci-fi setting. That would have been very cool, but several others indicated that they would have liked to do something along those lines already so I shied away from that (no sense horning in on someone else's stuff). I love how RobA did IP2025 and that only makes me twice as glad I decided not to since my asteroid would have had a large Ice resevoir. The Ice Pirates name sticks with me as a teen of the late 70s/80s, a few good lines ("I hope no one minds but I have no intention of facing this sober."), avoiding castration, space herpes. Good times... good times...
    • The other idea was using a well-known character from literature which fit the Pirate motif perfectly. I'll leave it with that because that one might come up in some future challenge. I ultimately shied away from that as well because of a variety of factors, not the least of which was the fact that the actual caves have so little discussion in that work it would have ultimately been a very simple map unless I embellished far beyond the text.
    Obviously, I ended up going with the more traditional idea. I'll just add extra flavor with the background text...
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    I repped everyone who entered this month, just for entering, except I couldn't rep you, so accept my public kudos for entering!

    -Rob A>

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