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Thread: January 11 entry: To Rivendell!

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    Holly hoot! Did that correctly thumbnail the pdf? I disabled the "fancy new" uploader by default to see if that would improve things for people...

    -Rob A>

    PS Nice job btw - I gotta get back into one of these challenges...

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    Also for accuracy it isn't Took Hill, but actually Brandy Hall in Buck Land. "Took Hill" is south of Hobbiton and goes by the name of Tuckborough and/or The Great Smials, you may want to amend that small error. As for criticism on the visuals I can see an apparent line following along the base of the toporaphy where the grass texture and objects were worked up from. It would also be nice if all the base of trees blend into the ground rather then having defined bases. If you could clean that up it would help. As well the Brandy Hall has round windows as Tilt did say. Additionally with the level of detail I find some of the figures have I wish there was a way to add the same level details to the clouds around the Barrow Downs and the Brandywine. Also some of the figures are lack luster in compared to each other, I.E. Tom Bombadil and Goldberry. If you are looking for visual inspiration as well as the description within the novels. The Lord of the Rings has a MMORPG that is more true to the book then the movies and these characters as well as others are portrayed therein. I'm routing for you Rav's this month, I love Tolkien and what you are doing therefore wanna help you out as you go along. Only real negative thing I have to say I'm impartial to a version with quotes, but thats more of a personal preference. I'll keep popping in and out and try and make sure its accurate if you would like. Keep it up and hope you have the stamina.

    Edit: Here's the two characters I referred to.

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    I thought I was going to like the black and white better, but the color background is nice. I am currently trying to figure out how I can get your final product printed and framed somewhere shomehow =]

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    @ RobA - I wondered why the uploader interface had changed, it's always been pretty good at handling .pdfs and thumbnailing them. The only thing I don't like about the new thumbnailer interface is that there is no progress bar.

    @ Geamon - Brandy Hall, thanks for spotting! Oddly enough I named the layer 'Buck Hill', don't where the Took Hill came from (it was probably late and I was probably tired). The windows are indeed round: '..through the stray shrouds of mist , shone many round windows, yellow and red. They were the windows of Brandy Hall' - so it looks like I need some red windows in there too. There is a lot of cleaning up to be done with some horrible white matting in places, but I'll save that when I've got the main concept done, but please keep pointing out what needs looking at in case I miss anything. I'm not sure about the quotes either....I'll keep playing around with it. I still feel that the whole work is lacking something, but I can't put my finger on it. At the moment I'm just trying to get the general concept down and then I'll go back over it, clean up and improve. I'm not really happy with the old forest. All input gratefully received!

    @jackofHearts: I'd better make it as good as I can then!

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