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  • Ascension - No Title Yet

    7 17.07%
  • Immolate - Deep in the Wood

    7 17.07%
  • JDCt - Heroes' Path

    1 2.44%
  • Jaxilon - To Ravenkhor

    7 17.07%
  • LonewandererD - Escape the Estate

    8 19.51%
  • Ravells - To Rivendell!

    9 21.95%
  • RjBeals - Ice Cream Run

    10 24.39%
  • Sapiento - From Highstone to Viewfort

    13 31.71%
  • moutarde - The Coreroads of the Bergan Dwarves

    14 34.15%
  • pindercarl - Mission on Mars

    5 12.20%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: -~@ January 2011 Challenge Voting - Points of Light Theme @~-

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    I voted for Ravells because of the awesome, original concept. It's really a shame he didn't finish it further than that though.

    Sapiento gets my second vote. There may be a few maps that look slightly better in the set, but his contains well executed original drawing, and the over-the-top pulp execution of the assignment scores with me as well.

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    After an early lead vote leader Sapiento is neck and neck with moutarde who's coming up on the outside, it's electrifying down here ladies and gentleman. This commentary has been brought to you today by 3D Fudge, it's Fudge but in 3D!

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    Heh. I got stuck in the gate then made a comeback but then my horse threw a shoe so I'm laggin back and eatin dust.
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    yeah, the people have spoken. It'll be hard to make up those votes now.

    There's always February !

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    Is it bad that I'm checking the vote totals every hour or so?

    My competetive nature is telling me it was a mistake to vote for Sapiento, but he deserves the vote - a really great map And really, if it ends up being a one vote finish, well then obviously my next map just needs to be that much better!

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    Thank God we could vote for two or I might have had to abstain, because there's no way I could've chosen between my two favorites, Moutarde and Jax.
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    Wow! This is one tricky one to choose. Two huh?
    I've not looked in seriously for a month or so and so I haven't read any of the threads for these. I've read the Challenge and the guidelines.
    Start, end, points in between and perils between those is how I read it.

    Overall - and after careful study - there are some that are obvioulsy not finished, and some that (to my interpretation only!) don't quite meet the guidelines. So...
    Well, my thoughts anyway

    Ascension - As ever! A very beautiful and highly detailed map. It follows the literal "Points of Light" title but I couldn't perceive a start/end thing in there or the perils between? One strange thing about it that nagged me was that the mountains looked a bit like plastic reflecting the light - perhaps that's just me. I still wish I could do stuff half as good!

    Immolate - Superb artwork with all the paraphenalia of desktop navigation! However, whilst there is a start, end and perils between here they are totally reliant on reading the story, not the map, which doesn't seem right. I'm still left wishing I could write that well!

    JDCt - and unfinished enigma! It has all the promise of a really good game handout - I'd like to see that aspect of it finished. Perhaps with on-map annotations rather than what looks like a side bar story?

    Jaxilon - wow - such intensity and - dare I say it? - chaos! I figured out most of the symbols but was stuck on one or two. No perceivable start or end, lots of peril tho! Gorgeous!

    LonewanderedD - it makes me smile and ticks all the boxes! Even as a thumbnail it looks vibrant and, well... interesting! I don't entirely know the rules of the maze but actually that isn't part of the rules. VOTED

    Ravells - crikey! Superb. Start and end, waypoints and perils - they're all there along with atmosphere, lights, humour! Love it! Sadly unfinished, don't let it stay that way Ravs. VOTED.

    RjBeals - yup! Another maze that ticks all the boxes of the rules. Good fun, colourful but probably aimed at a higher age group than me? I especially love the Godzilla and perhaps more of that kind of silliness for Kids would be more to their taste?

    Sapiento - without the title "Highstone to Viewfort" actually on the map it's a map with a start and end but which is which? The perils are there but only the perils! No waypoints of "light" just more Death!! Aaaaagh! "Stones and bones, burned" - ugh - what a simply brilliant description! I liked some of the monster illustrations, some not so much, but having them all at the same facing looks wrong somehow? Like police mugshots?

    moutarde - astonishing detail both in mapping and descriptions! No noticeable start/end, but waypoints between and lots of generalized perils! Yuck! I'm wondering how it was done - all those sqiggly side tunnels! Which of the monsters eats their way like a maggot to make those, one wonders....

    pindercarl - the Mars map itself is wonderful, albeit rather larger than the continent size map suggested in the challenge. A start and an end, but which? I'm unsure about the photographs and the post-it note - something about the mixture of technology! Needs more perils too!

    So there you have it - some comments and critiques - and it was still very tricky to choose without being a stickler for the "rules"! If I missed anything that said "Start" or something I'm sorry. I hope it was useful anyway!
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    Is it bad that I'm checking the vote totals every hour or so?
    Lol Mou! I've been there. Being a contender is a thrill, especially in this crowd. To be neck and neck with Sapi is an honor.
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    So ... what happens in case of a tie? Does Arcana come down from his tower to cast the tiebreaking vote?

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    My nerves are on the edge!

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