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  • "Witch's Rock" by Gameprinter

    6 21.43%
  • "Serpent's Maw" by NeonKnight

    3 10.71%
  • "Cave of Thieves" by mmmmmpig

    4 14.29%
  • "Ice Pirates - 2025" by RobA

    4 14.29%
  • "The Rock at Morgus Cray" by The Cartographist

    0 0%
  • "Cap'n Jane's Roost" by Publius

    9 32.14%
  • "Isla de los Muertos" by Terrainmonkey

    2 7.14%
  • "The Grotto of the Wicked" by rlucci

    0 0%
  • "The Old Lighthouse" by Redrobes

    0 0%
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Thread: December Challenge Results!

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    I voted for mine

    Daniel the Neon Knight: Campaign Cartographer User

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    First, nice work too U all.

    Since I was too much taken in my work before Christmas, I miss this month challenge. But, unless I'm in Texas next month for an exercise, I'll participate in the next challenge.

    For my own part, I was torn between GP's and Mpig's map. But I finally decide to vote for Mpig because of the old map black and white style. If GP would have put the cave map in the same tone or style as is island map, I would have vote for him.

    Good luck to all of U,
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    So it could be use here :

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    As always, a very tough choice! I hope I haven't screwed things up by voting a day late.
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    I went for Witch's Rock. I hate French passionately, but the style of the regional map was so... memorable. Whenever I read the threadlines on the boards, I always had to think "Wait, which one was that again?" but with Witch's Rock that time was the shortest, if I even had to think.

    My second choice would've been RobA, because it gets the alternative Bonus, and it's scifi to boost. I'd have to show this to my brother who's been dabbling in GURPS Space, it might turn out useful...

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    RobA should have gotten one more vote, as I misread the close date and did not cast my own ballot. It was an innovative design with excellent execution and the map on the side was magnificent.

    Thank you for all those who cast ballots my way, most appreciated.

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    OK, Publius, because the voting times were off this month, having gotten a late start and all, I edited the poll to add to RobA's tally, although in the future we'll have to call it quits when the polls close.

    Even so, congrats Publius, you are our winner this month! Great job and well deserved--although I was quite impressed with all this month's entries! What, it was a bumper crop! Good job to all.
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    Praise Congrats!

    Congratulations, Publius. I knew I voted for the right entry. I'm glad to be a contender - I thought all the maps were great. Good job, now we've got two double award winners!
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    great job to all! keep the contests coming, i love the competition and the way everyone here encourages each other. give us the next one so i can win already!

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    Awesome work everyone! Very nice indeed. Award has been granted to Publius and is well deserved! I'm glad this months challenge is a success too, hopefully more to come!
    Robbie Powell - Site Admin

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