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Thread: March Entry: A Sketch - Up example

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torq View Post
    Its looking great Kalmarjan. I've been wondering about the usefulness of Sketchup for mapping. The trouble with real perspective is that the larger the area you are trying to depict gets, the more side-on the view becomes at the extremities. I think its best suited to individual battlemaps as you suggest.

    For conversion to pdf try Bullzip. It installs as an alternative printer and exports into a pdf document.

    A cool thing is you can set the depth of field with the camera. Just use the zoom tool, select what depth you would like, (say, 90 degrees) and zoom back in. There will be a little distortion, but you will be able to see what you need.
    What???? You mean there is NO MAGIC RENDER BUTTON!

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    Sketchup does provide an isometric rendering mode as well. Turn that on and set the camera to one of the three default views (straight down) and all perspective is eliminated

    And in answer to the question on pdf, I have been using cutepdf. Like the one mentioned it sets itself up as a printer driver (used the ghostscript libraries). I know the page can bet set all the way up to a 36"x96" pdf.

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