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  • Daddy Homeplan by alucard339

    3 3.66%
  • Ran Dum's Deadly Dungeon by delgondahntelius

    5 6.10%
  • Not my Daddy's Dungeon! by Gamerprinter

    3 3.66%
  • Not Your Father's Random Dungeon by industrygothica

    3 3.66%
  • Send Help! by Justintime

    23 28.05%
  • A Sketch - Up example by kalmarjan

    1 1.22%
  • Wrong Turn Cellar by Midgardsormr

    1 1.22%
  • The Lair of Father Himool by NeonKnight

    2 2.44%
  • NYFD by overwatch

    0 0%
  • Not my father's dungeon by ravells

    4 4.88%
  • Your farther looks like a krenshar by Redrobes

    1 1.22%
  • Multilevel Madness by RobA

    26 31.71%
  • Timmy's Random Dungeon

    3 3.66%
  • Not ... I dont know by Torq

    7 8.54%
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Thread: March Challenge Voting

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    Looks like we have a a nose even...RobA congratulations on a job well done...a fantastic map!

    Also, a definite congratulations is due to Justintime, only trailing by 3 votes, and also submitting a wonderful hand drawn entry with plenty of character.

    Good job to all participants and thank you VERY much all the members of the site that came out to vote. This was a record setting competition in several ways.

    Now stay tuned for April's Challenge which will be posted today or tomorrow once we iron out some more details on it.
    Robbie Powell - Site Admin

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    Well done Rob - a three times winner now !

    And commiserations to Justintime who would have had one more from Lwaxana and Baz's extra uncounted vote to be just one behind. Your count would have won any other month.

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    Congrats to RobA and Justintime. Also well done to all who participated and voted.

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    Thanks all who voted!

    Congrats Justintime! I'd been watching you gain ground steadily the last day with nervous breath! had the poll been open another day I think you might have been the winner!

    And kudo's to everyone who entered. I never expected such a "silly" little challenge to catch so much interest, and was overwhelmed by the turnout!

    -Rob A>

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    Congrats to all who took part, especially to RobA and to Justintime, who came so close!!!

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    Congrats to RobA for winning and Justintime for giving Rob a much needed run for his money
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    Congratulations to everyone.

    One of the really nice things about this challenge is the usability.

    RobA's map makes (some sort of) sense and can be used as is as the Dungeon Map. Or, if he makes the DF map available, can be adapted/tweaked in DF to suit the campaign.

    Justintime's map is a superb handout to be given to the party to start them out.

    Virtually no work for the DM

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    Gah! I forgot about this whole challenge thing and forgot to show up and vote for myself. But no problem, RobA's map was certainly deserving! And thanks for all the votes everybody.

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