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Thread: June 2012 Entry: The Shores of Limbo

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    If there is one tool I envy from PS it's the way you guys can make that shaved clay look. I just love the pits and valleys you have on this and I haven't figured out a way to make the same look in Gimp.
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    Jaxilon I don't if this is how he did it but that effect can be done with bevel / emboss . I think Gimp has something similar. You use a low opacity eraser to cut into your top layer. Different brushes cause different effects. Also it helps to set up the bevel/emboss then do the actual erasing / painting so you can see what your getting. In ps you can go back and tweek the settings at will. ! Don't know about GIMP ?
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    This is so cool! Awesome map!

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