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Thread: August 2012 Entry: Demonic circle

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    There is something I just have to say, regarding the use of pentagrams. It has nothing to do with how well or badly you've done anything. Feel free to ignore completely.
    Life is not about knowledge or reality ! It is about perception. Perception is learned. RED is poison for example. I love tomatoes and cherries and strawberries and ... What we learn isn't always right. Nor is it always wrong ! Certain things are associated with certain fears and even with knowledge it is hard to disperse those superstitions. That being said the easiest way to convey an idea is to use an stereotypical phrase or image that is universally (If sometimes Incorrectly ) associated with that Idea ! No Offense meant I am sure !!

    This is coming along well though you now got me confused by all the variations !!
    "Aye The skies be clear , the seas be calm and the winds be with us .....

    ARGH!! but the damn compass be broken!! "

    Capt. Noah Swalter Last voyage of the " Silver Crest"

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    I like this idea. It reminds me of all the anime I grew up watching.

    I also like the knife idea... it might be hard, but it's always good to challenge yourself.

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