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Thread: September/October 2012 Lite Challenge: Village of Taffarel

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    This map is really coming along nicely anomiecoalition. I especially like the sphinx? in the dungeon.


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    Thanks guys. Wish I could take credit for the sphinxy statue (Its actually a Bogie adaptation that I just color-modified). Just wish I could have come up with a clever way to express on the map that it can be moved to lead to a secret passage to the Underdark. Ultimately, I was nervous about adding anything else to the overall image for fear that it would be too cluttered.

    The darkness of the background is largely an accident - one of my goals this month was to try to learn how to depict elevations and while I'm pretty happy with it overall, there is alot that could be improved on. In my head I imagined the village to have somewhere between 100-200 people living there and that houses wouldn't be as jumbled as in Arab cities (since most of the houses would need some space for livestock and other business). I look forward to perhaps a city-type challenge in the future where I can try to create a more dense housing environment.
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