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Thread: June Entry: Fort Lost

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    I really like the renders. The 3d one almost looks like chocolate cake .

    Care to share anything about your process?

    What programs are you using etc. etc....


    Any chance you could post some pngs to preserve the detail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd View Post
    Care to share anything about your process? What programs are you using etc. etc....
    I used Photoshop CS2 and Bryce 6 exclusively. I started in photshop, drawing a very rough draft. I think I put some of that up as a WIP. From the rough draft, I created a grayscale heightmap for the land and imported it into Bryce as a terrain object.

    Over that terrain, I built the basic structure of the fort walls using Bryce primitives (cubes and cylinders). With more terrain objects, I tore out large chunks of the walls (upside down boolean operations). And, after giving it a basic texture, I rendered it from three angles - the top view (for the outside map), the side view (for the elevation), and the scenic view (for... um... the scenic view). I also rendered a bunch of masks for post-render tweaking.

    The rest was just me in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet using the assorted techniques gleaned from this fine forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd View Post
    Any chance you could post some pngs to preserve the detail?
    I thought the detail was pretty good (and if you compare it to the muddy mess I made for last month's challenge, it's downright fantastic). The problem is that it goes from a 900K file to well over 4Mb and I can't tell any real difference in quality. But, maybe I'm doing something wrong. Let me play with the settings a bit...

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    Lovely set of maps there. I will echo Ravs with the bit of depth rendered pic. That Bryce must have a lot more in it that I thought it had. BTW - Image looked pretty sharp to me too. It looks bad in the light box viewer but if you click through and go to the normal image in browser and then make sure your looking at it at 100% (i.e. full size) then it looks real nice.

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    This is a great map, and looks like a great setting for an adventure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rlucci View Post
    Almost 3 in the morning.

    Must. Sleep.

    That 3D model render looks like you built it up from plastic base and spend weeks painting in the details. Just marvelous!!!! Repped...

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    Holy crap. The challenge this month will be picking the best map. Damn.

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