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Thread: June Entry: Stormlit Cloister (Groam)

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    I'm REALLY glad you all are willing to figure this out while the rest of us just watch and listen. I for one appreciate the light you're all shedding on licensing issues

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    Ah sorry, I was confusing the CC of Creative Commons with Campaign Cartographer. (doh!). I can certainly see it biting if I had used someone elses original work in the drawing and as you say the only original work in it are some of the names.

    I'm trying hard to think of how an analogy would stand up and whether that would shed any light. If I wrote a book about talking squirrels and set it in 'Middle Earth' and had them interacting with Hobbits and the like...that would be one thing. If I took all the Hobbits and Middle Earth references out of the book, then that would be something else....I guess.

    I do hope Torq is OK too. He's probably waiting for the world cup to finish so he can have his country back!

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