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Thread: June Entry: Fenridge Castle

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    Have no fear Meleeguy, I was just overcome with 'fictional 3d space processing envy' for a moment. Its a common malady around here.

    You disregard whatever you like with complete confidence. I am looking forward to see what _you_ do with the challenge.

    No pressure


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    Quote Originally Posted by meleeguy View Post
    Just a quick note - very little if any of Redrobes beautiful work will be in my entry, which will be a close-up overview of Fenridge Castle. It does help me a great deal to visualize the location though.

    It occurs to me that those maps constitute an entry unto themselves, but not mine.

    btw Redrobes, can you give me a rough population number for the site?
    The intention was as a visualizer for your much smaller area. Even the close up bump is waay bigger scale than the castle and map I envisioned that you would create. All I thought you might steal is the basic color for the floor thats all which might blend a bit onto the map. But it might give you some perspective on where you might put a wyvern tower or where they get their water, where any roads might come from to the castle etc.

    I don't have any figures for population. I guess a about a hundred guard types, some with the horses for the castle and maybe 500 - 1000 peasants / trades people. Its up to you tho.

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