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Thread: June/July Lite Entry - The Unangan Empire

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    No problem. It's a good map. I like it.

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    I actually like it MUCH better now. The clouds and mountains aren't nearly as jarring. Thumbs up from me!

    Quote Originally Posted by WillP View Post

    Addressing Freehand's second point. In your timeline descriptions, I'm not sure if you are using PS or GIMP. With PS, if you are using the "Block Text" function (Where you drag a box with the type tool and then type within that box) there is a button on the menu bar to format paragraphs. Click on that and change the justification to "full justification" without hyphens. You don't even need to highlight the text, just click on the text layer, click the text tool and the menu should appear. Make the changes and it will change for that layer.

    That should clean it up in about 3 seconds. I don't know about GIMP, but I would only assume it has a similar function.
    Holy sh!t!!!!!! All these years of using PS and somehow I never knew that. Thanks!
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    I haven't time for a full read-through, but I did spot an "it's" for "its" error in the 1541 section.

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    Thanks Diamond and Freehand, that's very nice to hear! And good find, Rdanhenry!

    Here's probably the last tweak, I'll be going to bed now and I think the threads will be locked when I wake up. I fixed the "it's" error, made a couple of other adjustments in the timeline (mostly in the last entry), made the edge of the mountains and city a little fuzzier to blend together with the rest a bit more naturally, and added 2% of opacity to the yellow filter.

    ### Latest WIP ###
    June/July Lite Entry - The Unangan Empire-unanganempire11.jpg
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