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Thread: *** August Challenge - Redraw an Old Map***

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    I'm a bit wary about the possible lost in quality when you stick two things into one image. That and I don't think it makes for good presentation.
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    Mine's currently a matter of the new one being 3000x2000 whereas the original was something line 875x700. I either have to shrink my final image down a crazy amount, or I have to have a ton of blank space on one side, because I can't blow up the original or it will just become a blurry mess. Now I wish I had those fancy image enhancing programs on all those cop shows.

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    Well, tbh in the end the decision is always left for the voters to decide. Personally, I think having each image in it's own thumbnail is fine because after all you won't likely be showing them side by side after the challenge anyway as far as your portfolio goes. Whatever shows your work off to the best advantage is what really matters.

    I could be wrong here but I think if you just post it up with the ### WIP... message on the final NEW image you should be good. I'll have to check again but I don't think the vote is based on who made the most improvement anyway.

    In the past when we had contests based on an image (eg. Clouds) you only had to have the original cloud shot in the wip thread not on the final map.
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    Hey all, just a reminder that the challenge will be closing today for voting, so if you have any last minute changes to make, make them in the next couple of hours. I'll have the voting up in 2-3 hours.


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