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  • Khartes - by Vivi

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  • Cartographer's Guild Hall -by Jalyha

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  • The Forest of Guildheart -by Cirias

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  • The Guild's Tower -by - Max -

    30 54.55%
  • Guildpark Zoo -by TheHoarseWhisperer

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  • The mapiest place in the galaxy! - by Azelor

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  • The Guild Empire -by Diamond

    30 54.55%
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Thread: February Challenge Voting - Map the Guild

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    JBGibson = Guildpark Zoo's resident cartographologist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbgibson View Post
    Jaybee Gibsons - grayer and hairier than the related Gibbon family. These primates will be silent and motionless for days at a time, then will chatter incessantly, almost seeming to make sense. Note the chalkboard over on the left of the cage - the senior Jaybee enjoys scribbling and erasing and scribbling and erasing and scribbling and erasing... you get the idea. Do not feed these - some are already taking on the shape of an ourangutang. Future plans are for exercise bars the inhabitants will have to negotiate to get food.
    Me reading this: Hm? I don't remember that. I thought I read all the side text. Wait did he say the sign? What sign?... Oh.

    In my defense it's 3 am here.

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    I've been amazed by all the good ideas and the wonderful maps done on this challenge (and so glad to not participate... )!

    Somehow, it could only result on a two or three-way tie! Congrats to - Max - and Diamond (I imagine the Guild's Tower somewhere in the Fertile Plains of Maxime described in the Guild Empire). And a big thumbs up to everyone for those maps!
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