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Thread: *** August challenge - Battlemap Tiles on the go ***

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    Sure, if it works to make a single end room, one can do that, these are after all merely guidelines.
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    Post Map Objects

    Quote Originally Posted by Redrobes View Post
    Don't know if your also aware about this minor fact about two exits on every tile...

    I was playing making up some twisty maps using my tiles to see how they hang together and noticed that its not possible to terminate a corridor unless you loop it back on itself.

    Do you think it would be alright to have a corridor and a room on the end with no other exit ?
    As RPMiller pointed out to me, the solution is to cover the second exit with a map object. I'm creating specific map objects to cover exits, as well as open up new ones. Map Objects are part of this challenge requirement.

    Not to say you can't create a single exit tile - just another option to consider.

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