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Thread: April 2014 Entry - Hell: The Eternal Soul Grinder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midgardsormr View Post
    You have "who's sole purpose," which should be "whose sole purpose." Who's is a conjunction meaning "who is," which precludes the use of the apostrophe when turning who into a possessive. Receive is misspelled as recieve (a misspelling that jkat ironically repeated). I didn't see any other errors, unless they refer to the lack of punctuation, which I took to be a stylistic choice.

    I love the demonic parody of the Universal Man.
    Ah ok. I can't believe I missed that actually, lol. Glad you like the universal/vitruvian demon.
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    It's difficult to proof your own work, unless you're doing it months after you initially wrote something. It's too easy to see what you expected to see instead of what's actually there.
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