hokay, after spending way to much time creating tools to make a map, I am starting to really put one together I have an idea of how I want it done, but am limited now by time and size because I want to do a fixed height top birds eye view and am limited to how many camera it takes to cover the scene, I am going to try to get a whole bunch of cool stuff packed into one area... The idea is a Norse Villiage on the water front that is geared up for raids... here is a preview of a area before its finished up to much but once everything is done and I add all the stage items, I think this is going to be really really cool!

July 2014 Challenge: Nordic Village-ship_deck_lift.png
### LATEST WIP ###
July 2014 Challenge: Nordic Village-topdowndecklift.png

Gonna have lots more getting done here.. Im gonna finish the inner dock area, and then some of the rest of the buildings next, then add the ships and the rest of the stage items... then to splicing renders together to make a colorful and detailed map!